January 2013

January 2013
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I can't help it...

My Mr. Braun :)

But I have to brag! Travis has to go through a-sort-of testing at his school. All licensed and unlicensed teachers have to. At his school it's called JPAS (I dont' know what it's called elsewhere). To be JPAS'ed means one of the assistant principles or the principle comes and sits in multiple classes and evaluates EVERYTHING. I'm talking evaluating teacher-student interaction, types of questions asked, how teachers respond to questions, how material is presented, and the list goes on and on and on. They JPAS the teachers who aren't licensed yet two or three times a school year (as apposed to the licensed teacher who are JPAS'ed every couple of years).

Travis has been pretty stressed about being JPAS'ed. He did a lot of homework and preparation for the dreadful day (he was given a vague timeline as to when it'd happen - they aren't specific because they don't want the teacher to plan a special lesson...while unbeknownst to them the teacher really sucks).

Well it happened a couple of weeks ago. The assistant principle came and sat in class with him for two days. She analyzed and filled in the blanks/bubbles, interviewed him shortly after (but didn't give him any results really), and left it at that.

I guess Travis was pulled in today and was shown his score. He has the highest JPAS score she's EVER seen!!!! She told him how incredible he did, how Oquirrh Hills is so lucky to have him, how he's a first year teacher but teaches like he's not...incredible huh?

Travis was completely shocked but I'm not. Teaching is in his blood. He's a natural - and like I said before, people are just DRAWN to him. He's charismatic. He's the furthest thing from judgemental, he's a good listener, he truly cares about others. So, I'm really not surprised.

In fact, he told me Jennifer (the assistant principle who JPAS'ed him) said the other assistant principle excitedly volunteered to JPAS Travis next because "he wants to see him at work". Again, this says A LOT about my boy!

Trav would be embarrassed that I'm writing - okay BRAGGING - about all this but he deserves it. He was so nervous, yet here he is pulling out the highest scores the assistant principle has ever seen (and she's been around for quite a few years).

Congratulations my handsome husband! You're so awesome!!


Emil, Caroline and An Angel... said...

That's so rad!! Wow! Congrats to him, and to them for getting such a great teacher! WAHOO!!

and I can't end w/o raving about the TIE he's wearing!! I love it. I love it a lot. If I were Oprah and had a fav thing list ma-gigity-wit-it, it would be on that list. :)

Pinky said...

Good for you Trav!!! I think it's great that those kids have a great teacher to inspire them ... you'll make a huge difference.

Faust Family said...

wow! Wow! WOW!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, Travis! Yippeeyahooza! That is so great! I, too, am very proud of you : )
Sending you Big Hugs,
(P.S. Nice tie!)

Elisa said...

so. so. so. great. That is wonderful. So good to know there are good teachers out there.

Jerry and Maaret said...

Congrats on such great work. I think I remember that tie... Is that a Paca find? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love ya,