January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Short & Sweet

I am so happy it's the beginning of March. Hopefully that means warmer weather in the very near future.

Trav and I are still doing our best to survive. Travis has had some bad luck with computers lately. His desktop completely crashed. It was aweful. Especially because he had a project he was working on that was due a few days after the computer died. uhg. Needless to say, we've been on edge with our technology...just waiting for the others to go out. I shouldn't say that..

I am trying to get through midterms. They're killing me. All my teachers expect me to have things memorized and I'm doing every thing I can not to disappoint. Since this is the case, Trav and I get very little time together. If I'm not at school, I'm at work. If I'm not at school or work, I'm in the bedroom doing homework. I feel so bad because Travis asks every weekend, "How many hours of homework do you have?" with the hope that we'll be able to catch a movie or spend time together. Unfortunately my answer never changes (I really do feel bad about it too)..it goes something like this' "I easily have 8+ hours of homework. But I'll do my best to finish early this evening so we can spend time together." The sad thing is, is that my answer is the truth. I'll never be done or caught up. I'm glad I'm half way through the semester. I'm doing everything I can to avoid burn-out. But I'm starting to get burned out trying to avoid getting burned out!! Two more months! Two more months!

Anyways, We're doing well overall. I really shouldn't complain as I have been blessed with so much and all my worries are small in comparison to others.

I know this is short and sweet (and is typical for me lately, without pictures) but I gotta run. More homework is awaiting....

Happy St. Patrick's Day (in case I'm not able to blog until after)!!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there--you really ARE doing great! I have complete confidence in you and your talents. I KNOW you can do it, Addy. You are a smart, creative, brave "cookie". Just a little bit longer!

Stacy said...

I am honored that even during your busy schedule, you have taken time to spend with our little man. Thank you, you really have such a big heart. Love, Stacy

Deedra said...

You are a busy girl! Hang in there! Two more months, two more months... :)