January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Friday, January 16, 2009

My best friend, "My cute boy", My husband

I've been alone since Wednesday and I'm gonna be alone until this coming Wednesday. Travis went out to Minnesota for some "business and pleasure" as he puts it. :)

Typically I try and do everything I can to avoid situations like these. I hate being away from Travis and I say that EVERY TIME he goes anywhere with out me. It's not that I'm needy. No, to be needy would mean whiny (sp?), clingy, and annoying. I feel I am none of the above. I just happen to enjoy being with Travis. We always tell one another we're best friends as well as spouses. When I say that I truly mean it (and I believe he does too). I love to be with him. It doesn't matter what we're doing either (unless it's having a heated discussion. Those moments I could do without as I know he could too). We just love to be together.

Travis has had the great opportunity to spend some time with his parents, his brother and wife, extended family, and his close friends. I know he's having a great time and that actually makes it easier on me. I am trying to focus on the good. I am so grateful he is able to see his loved ones. I know he loves them very much. It was soooo cute because as he was packing his things Tuesday evening he was just bursting with excitement! He loves his family so much and always has a great time when he's with them. I couldn't help but get excited for him! Even when I dropped him off at the airport and watched him walk away...I couldn't help but smile because I knew in a matter of hours he'd be with his family. That doesn't mean I didn't cry that night when he wasn't there to eat dinner, talk, and cuddle with me! I just love my husband! I really do.

I am also grateful that he doesn't have to be reminded to call me when away. He checks in with me regularly, sending me text messages and calling at least twice a day. It's so nice to know that when he says he loves and misses me, he really means it. It's not just something he says.

He has started a tradition too. Each time he leaves and I have to stay behind he writes little love notes and hides them around our room/house. There's one note for every day he's gone. In order to find the note I have to call him to get my "clue". By the time I run out of love notes he should be home. I know it sounds cheesy but when you're like me those little notes completely make the day a better one.

I guess I'm posting this blog because I'm kinda struggling tonight. I just want my boy....so by posting some things I'm grateful for I may be able to avoid crying my eyes out. No, in all honesty I'm so happy he's enjoying himself and getting some art stuff taken care of in the process. I just wish I could be with him. Like I said, I love to be with my best friend, my cute boy, my wonderful husband.

I love you cutie. I hope you had a good time tonight with Timmy, Nolan, and Katie. I'm thinking about you and can't wait 'til we're back together again. But until then just know I'll be blasting the heater! (Inside joke...sorta. He! He!)

Enjoy your family and friends for me! ;)

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