January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Friday, January 16, 2009

Corbin Kirkham

This week has been incredibly insane. I know of a family with a little boy named Corbin. Corbin spent the first year of his life in the hospital because he was born EXTREMELY premature. He has been fighting and proving medical clinicians wrong since day one (much like my precious Mercydez). There's nothing I love more than when a clinician is told where to go and how to get there - especially when it's a child who does the talking. Corbin is one of those who reminds these arrogant clinicians they're NOT God.

Anyways, Corbin was able to come home a few months ago (he is now 15 months old). His parents, Chance and Stacy, have done an incredible job taking care of their boy. They have loved him, protected him, fought for him, held him, and sacrificed for him. They are honestly incredible parents. The love they have for their son is unreal. Seriously, they amaze me.

Monday was a hard day for the Kirkham family. Corbin suffered a severe asthma attack and was life flighted from St. George to Primary Children's Medical Center. It was a horrifying night for Chance and Stacy. I'm sure Corbin was equally terrified. Since Monday Chance and Stacy have been fighting for their son, yet again. They have been faced with extreme pessimistic opinions (from the lovely doctors) and forced to remind the clinicians that Corbin isn't a lab rat, he's their child, a human being. Stacy has a way with words and isn't intimidated to say what needs to be said, regardless of who she's talking to. I admire that about her. She is incredibly strong and determined to protect her son, even if it means telling the doctor off (GO STACY!).

Corbin has had a rough week and is still at Primary's as I type this. Chance has had to go back to St. George and having an extremely difficult time, at times moved to tears because he feels so guilty. Stacy has dropped everything and is staying in SLC with Corbin. I'm telling you, this family is amazing. It's been a roller coaster for them and it breaks my heart. Corbin seems to be improving just as a clinician decides to throw in another set of meds and then he drops again. Uhg! I wish I could knock out a few of those doctors/clinicians. I'm sure Stacy has had to practice a high volume of self control these past few days...

I know many of you don't know these three, but I do. I can't stand to hold back, not offering what I can. So, I'm going to make a special request in behalf of this wonderful family. Please dedicate a day to Chance, Stacy, & Corbin. Please offer fasting and prayer in their behalf. They are in need of a huge uplift. Little Corbin is in need of strength.

They are all exhausted and frustrated. They are tired. If you don't believe in fasting and/or prayer please offer a moment or two of silence to them and their needs. Offer an hour or two of meditation...send positive thoughts their way. ANYTHING. If you're able and willing, I hope to have everyone offer Sunday (January 18th) to the Kirkham family. However if you don't read this until after Sunday I would encourage you to fast, pray, and/or meditate as soon as you can.

I don't post this to put guilt or unnecessary sorrow on your shoulders. I post this because this is their reality right now. I will end this request with one question to get some thoughts rolling on how much of a difference you can make. If this was YOUR reality, would you need and appreciate a spiritual uplift from loved ones and strangers, all the same?

Please, do what you can. Anything will help this incredible family.

Chance and Stacy, stay strong. Keep fighting! I love you guys. Read the book we gave you. It's hard to pick up but you'll quickly learn it's even harder to put down! That book is incredibly lightening (meaning it makes things seem lighter, not so heavy) and offers an unreal amount of hope and truth. Oh, I wish I could do SO MUCH MORE!

Corbin, my sweet Corbin...hearing what you've suffered because of your unthinkable asthma attack just cuts my heart into pieces. I hurt for you, little guy. I cry for you. It's not fair that you have to suffer through this, yet you find it within you to offer a simple smile just as your mommy is looking over you with an aching heart and an exhausted mind. You are such a hope to me. How do you find it within you to smile? You are special, Corbin. You are strong. You have repeatedly made that clear. My sweet boy, I offer you my heart and my spirit. My entire soul is with you and your beautiful Mommy and your extremely dedicated and loving Daddy.

You can get through this. As your Mommy always says, you've gone through so much and come through it! Remember that! Don't let the doctors hopeless mentality stop you from proving them wrong yet again!

We love you three so much. We're gonna get some postive vibes sent your way as soon as we can!