January 2013

January 2013
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Monday, December 15, 2008


I have a few minutes and thought I'd take advantage of them and post some of my thoughts. I have had many of them recently. I feel like my brain has been in training for this enormous marathon. With that training comes a lot of excerize and preparation. I'm pooped. But it's a good "pooped".

I have a friend I've been thinking about for some time now. I just met her this semester. Her name is Marj. It's so interesting because it feels like I've known her for a long time - long before now. I have talked to my mom about her a lot. She is an inspiring woman who sees the best in people. She believes in people too...genuinely believes everyone has great potential. She also has a very honest spirit about her. She doesn't hold back who she is, what she believes, or her ways of thinking. She's comfortable with who she is. And the great thing is, is that with this understanding of who she is she only becomes better. She allows those around her to be who they are. She is positive in all respects. Not once has she used her knowledge, experiences, or status to intimidate, degrade, or offend. She is innocent of all negativity. She's awesome.

Marj and I have had some good conversations. We seem to understand one another on a totally different level too. She gets me and I feel, to a certain degree, I get her. We have had opportunities to share sacred things with one another...to share some funny stories...and typically when we're done visiting we end things with a hug. I've thought about this too. It seems like people tend to give hugs just because they have to. Not always, but generally speaking, people give what I like to call "polite hugs". Marj doesn't. When she hugs you she means it. When she expresses her thoughts and feelings, she means it. She's totally genuine.

This past Saturday I was able to express my love and passion for music through a presentation in class with Marj. The entire time I was speaking Marj was just crying. SHE GETS IT! She understands my passion. She understands music. jShe understands the power behind a note. She understands me! While I was up giving my presentation I had to force myself not to look at Marj because I KNEW I'd start crying as well. Like I said, we've shared some sacred things. These things have one thing (among others) in common, that is music.

I am so sad at the thought of not seeing Marj on a regular basis. Her hugs and words of comfort, advise, and encouragement have lifted me. I feel I am a better person because of her. I feel I believe in myself and my writing abilities because of her. I feel like I am capable of so much more BECAUSE OF HER. There are only a few other people in my life who have had such an influence...and those people know who they are. They are my inspirations. Now I am fortunate enough to have met and include Marj on my list of truly inspirational people.

I'm sure some of you are questioning who this woman is. Let me tell you a little about Marj. Marj is my English teacher at UVU. Marj married in her later years (by Utah standards!) and became the mother of her husbands children. She never had her own children, as far as I'm aware, but I don't question her love for her "step-children" to be any less passionate or pure than had she given birth to them. Marj was adopted and has other adopted siblings, as her mother wasn't able to have children. She doesn't seem to be angry about her situation. If anything she comes off as grateful and happy. Marj has a deep passion for writing. Not just writing, but passionate, personal, and pure writing (the same qualities Mozart looked for in music)! But in her passion for writing she expresses herself equally through word. She holds herself to the same standards she holds her students and she doesn't disappoint. Not even a little.

Marj, if you happen to read this I hope you know how much I value you as a friend. I told you Saturday how inspirational you are. I meant it. You have offered me an new point of view. You have opened many doors for me. You have only made me better. Thank you for an incredible semester. I will MISS your class...didn't we have a great class??!! Peter, Jason, Jessica, Linda, Zack....I could go on and on.

You know, I wonder if we knew each other before this life. I feel like we did...and I know I can say that without freaking you out because you know what I'm saying. ;) God bless you and your wonderful family!

I hope you have a beautiful Christmas holiday. I hope you remember how incredible you are, how inspirational you are, how warm and welcoming you are, how much you offer to your students. I have NEVER had a teacher like you in my life. I only hope I can do you a service by being more like you with those I associate with, whether that be professionally, personally, or randomly.

I sincerely love you and wish you the best.


*Even with this post I still feel I haven't done Marj justice...she is so deserving. What an elect lady. Marj, maybe we could do lunch sometime!?!!

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