January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Saturday, June 28, 2008

us in a nut shell

We're doing a blog spot because after trying and failing MISERABLY we have decided myspace and facebook just aren't for us. Ash mentioned doing a blog (because it's like an online journal) and I thought, "Heck! Why not try?!?!" So here we go....we're gonna give it a shot.

Travis and I are huge on traveling. We love to go places, experience different people, food, atmospheres, etc. We haven't been able to travel far from hom (meaning out of the country) but we have been able to "just go" and for that we're both grateful. Besides, every state has something different to offer. We've enjoyed experiencing the differences. :)

Each year we go back to Minnesota. It's so beautiful out there. There are so many trees and lakes...it's breath-taking. We're heading out tomorrow for the annual trip and we're so excited. We love getting together with family and friends. We love fishing with dad and grandma braun, eating mom's amazing meatloaf, walking Summit Ave (A MUST!), talking with friends, eating Nolans fried/baked fish, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. I have to say, I think Minnesota is one of my favorite places ever. It's close enough to "home" that we're able to go back often but far away enough to be considered a vacation.

Our lives right now are so crazy...but in some ways I love it. We're both the type of people who need to have a plan. A detailed plan. But right now our lives are the complete opposite. We just recently moved and we don't have a clue as to how long we'll be in this new place, Travis is doing all he can to get a position teaching High School Art but may go back to school to get his teaching certificate and masters degree in art if teaching isn't a possibility at this point, our adorable little princess Mercydez (our niece) was born in January and has had some serious complications but has overcome so much and, gratefully, is still with us....and it goes on and on and on. We're just happy to find our bed each night and sleep. :)

No, our little niece is a HUGE part of our lives right now...considering we live with Nic & Ash and Mercydez. It's been such a blessing! Every day we're able to spend time with her and just love her. Her cry makes my heart beat...it really does. She's just the cutest little cutie ever. I call her my "little fudge brownie" because that's my favorite dessert (warm with vanilla ice cream and fudge on top! YUM!)!!

Anyway, that's life in a nut shell right now. Work, family, moving, SLEEPING, and for now MINNESOTA!! WAHOOO!!!!


Nic & Ashley Haws said...

Glad you like living with us! To be honest, it's not so bad hangin' with you guys too! Have fun in Minnesota. Allow yourself a VACATION!!! Love ya!

carolyn q said...

Hi Adrienne,
You don't know me but I have been following your neice's care page and now new their blog.
I read that your husband is trying to get a job as a High School Art Teacher? I have a contact that I would like to pass on. I think Ashley has my Phone #, but I will send her an email with it so you can get it.
I have great memories of visitng relatives in MN and playing at Sand Lake when I was a kid. . .have fun! However, I have never seen bigger Mosquito's than there.
Heart Hugs,
Carolyn Quigley
President, IHH