January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 10

1) Registered for a 5K. I'm NOT a runner/jogger/speed walker. So, wish me luck.

2) Travis is done with his night classes! Wahoo for my boy!

3) I have 3 finals left of this semester. I'm thrilled!
a) MIRACULOUSLY got an A in German
b) My German teacher didn't eat me - another miraculous event

4) Can't believe this Saturday is May 1st. Where'd April go??

5) Watched Disney's Mulan Friday night with Trav. Ya see, this is what you do on weekends after a certain point. (sigh) Wuv, twue wuv..

6) After being forewarned about the negativity and tension seeping through the angry eyes of the vocal coaches at school, I entered the doom my school calls "juries" and told all the vocal coaches at school it was okay to crack a smile every once in a while before bursting into song(yes, I received some serious stink eye looks). Yeah, I need to keep my mouth shut. :) But I got a couple of 'em to smile...

7) "Amaranth?! Amaranth!?!" (inside joke)

8) Playing with Braxton, Marin, Grayson, & Keegan in the back yard. The kids swing while Trav chucks balls at 'em. Believe it or not, they actually ASK Trav to do this. One throw, in particular, stood out to me. I think Trav put all his strength and aggression into the ball and nailed Marin in the face. Marin burst into tears...need I say more?
a) Now that I think about it I believe Trav did the same thing to Grayson.

9) Telling some men in my ward, after receiving some very kind compliments about my voice, that I'd refer to them as my "celestial groupies". That was funny. And awkward.

10) My mom, a good friend of mine (Angelita), and I were helping my little brother ask his "special friend", Olivia, to prom. We were trying to come up with a creative way for him to ask (that's what we do out here in Utah). After buying Hawaiian lei's, a head band of flowers, etc. Angel suggested Kolton refer to the lei while asking. Kolton, in his innocence said, "Just tell her to wear my lei". We all started laughing!!! Except Kolton. I love his innocence. He had no idea...

and one more

11) I love SPAM. :)

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Nic and Ashley Haws said...

hahahahaha! I love it! I got a good laugh out of it all.

Well done!