January 2013

January 2013
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Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Games

Trav and I are sitting here watching the Opening Ceremonies. Wow. Isn't it incredible what we can do with modern day technology?! I think they announced that in China the budget for the Opening Ceremonies was 300 million - absolutely CrAzY - and the Vancouver Opening Ceremonies has the budget of 30 million (if I heard right). Compared to China that's pocket change! Yet if you think about it, 30 million dollars is a TON of money! The ceremony has been beautiful so far. I think so anyways.

I love watching the performers and hear the different facts shared through out the more boring parts. Fascinating. It was announced that Iran and Israel are separated by one country (Ireland) when walking in the ceremony. It was also mentioned that Iran has withdrawn when there has been direct competition between the two. That breaks my heart.

With that said, I find it completely fascinating that we can gather, as a world, to celebrate the athleticism of the many different countries. I do wonder, though, have we become so calloused that world peace is something we grunt or roll our eyes at? I wonder if there will ever be a time, besides the Olympics, when each country can wave their flag while other countries cheer them on..and we can do this together. I don't know. Probably not. Sad? Yeah.

Tangent. Sorry. I just get to thinkin' sometimes. I guess what I'm saying is I'm enjoying what I'm seeing. And despite the "small" budget, I think Vancouver has done a GREAT job.

GO USA!!!!!!

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